Die laaste deel van Aaron Kahland se toespraak is per abuis met die vorige plasing weggelaat. Hier volg dit:


If the right to political secession is the finest political tradition in Western Civilization then it is no exaggeration to acknowledge that the Great Trek, an example of peaceful secession through migration, is one of the greatest of them all.

But if peaceful secession is our civilization’s finest political tradition then so too we must acknowledge that Empire, ruling over others who do not wish to be dictated to, is also morally unjustifiable.

In today’s South Africa, it is the ANC who have inherited the Empire.  Their constant talk of themselves as a liberation movement echoes the empty propaganda of the British Empire in crying injustice at the treatment of the Uitlanders and blacks living within the Boer republics.  As soon as they assume power, their motives become clear – enriching themselves economically through political means.  Their talk of righting the wrongs of Apartheid and their active discrimination against the Afrikaner minority are only convenient distractions from their true intentions.  Their project, like that of the British before them, is doomed to failure.

So where does that leave today’s Afrikaner?  Many have chosen to secede from South Africa through migration.  But I feel strongly that it is secession through migration within Africa that offers the best hope for the Afrikaner.  To once again take the trek that Piet Retief and others took, to build a new home that offers the best chance of reviving the ancient Boer ideals of freedom.

Recently in Germany, I bought this postcard.  It is dated the 10th of March, 1902, only weeks away from the end of hostilities with the British.  It shows German volunteers fighting for the Boer republics and the motto of the unit is showing as,

Wir kämpfen nicht um Ruhm und nicht um Ehre,
Wir kämpfen nicht um gold und Edelstein,
Wir kämpfen nur um heimath, Weib und Kinder
Und um die Freiheit nur allein.

I think these words are a good description of the historical quest for the Boer’s quest for freedom which today is best exemplified in the this little town we find ourselves in today.  Boer freedom to be achieved through a sovereign homeland is a worthy cause and I am proud to be a little part of it.  Thank you very much.


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